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Frequently Asked Questions
    Mr. L. Rx's book for women is scheduled for release in the last quarter of 2011. 3/1/2009 We have launched our new Dating To Relating For Women section. Mr. P. L. Ayer is writing several books for women as well as a soon to be released newsletter. Mr. L. Rx and Mr. P. L. Ayer are available for CONSULTATIONS to women immediately.

  • WHO IS MR. P. L. AYER?
    Joining our staff and writing materials for women will be Mr. P. L. Ayer. Mr. P. L. Ayer, you guessed it - is a Player. With thousands of sexual conquests under his belt, Mr. P. L. Ayer upon becoming the proud father of two girls has had a change of heart. Realizing he wouldn't want men using his daughters the way he has used thousands of women, Mr. P. L. Ayer is now determined to educate women on how men like himself use, lie to, and cheat on women without ever getting caught. The Secrets of a master player EXPOSED for the benefit of women exclusively on

    Yes, consulation services are available immediately.

    The Book contains detailed examples and techniques, along with theory behind the techniques so you will be able to generate your own techniques situationally just as Mr. L. RX still does.

    The problem is simple. They only tell you how to meet and attract women. They don't tell you how to relate and keep them. NOT only that. They don't even tell you ALL the correct principles of meeting women. Most of them work out ONE strategy that works on ONE TYPE of women, then tell you it is a numbers game, because it DOESN'T work on other types of woman. They tell you to do things that feel uncomfortable. Things that aren't quite you.... The problem is, there are different TYPES of men, and different types of men like different types of women. Different types of women require different strategies for each type. My book gives you principals and techniques that allow you to be you, and go after woman that you actually like.

    On a superficial level, yes, it could be taken that way. However, if you read any of my works you will see I am NOT a superficial type of guy. The point isn't to go out on 700 DATES so you can brag about it, or COUNT your conquests. The point is meeting hundreds of women in a short period of time TRIGGERS a NATURAL learning process. You see, LEARNING is a natural thing. Given enough experience, we ALL learn from it. The problem with MOST guys is that they have never MET and DATED and RELATED to enough women to benefit from the NATURAL LEARNING process....So you see the point isn't to go out on 700 DATES in a year...The point is to go out on as many dates in as short a period of time as it takes you to kick in that NATURAL LEARNING process (called EXPERIENCE) so that you end up with your own NATURAL SELF TAUGHT understanding of women and how DATING and RELATING to women works FOR YOU...Something that NO DATING GURU can teach you but YOU.... It just happened to take me 700 DATES!...Maybe it will take you less. In either case my eReport gives you two simple techniques you can implement in hours to get hundreds of dates a year.

  • WHY MR. L. RX?
    Well, I guess, I'd rather remain anonymous. I'm not into being famous. I don't have to prove anything to anyone. I'd just like to help a few guys out by giving them CORRECT information on woman.

    Well, I am 54 years old. and though at 20 I couldn't even get a girlfriend, I currently have 6 long term (2-5 years) sexual/romantic relationships going with younger women (Ages 22, 25, 26, 27, 30, and 40.) NO I AM NOT A PLAYER. I was married 12 years and never cheated on my wife. If I am in a committed relationship, I don't cheat. BUT in-between committed relationships, I am looking. And I feel I have the right to date and have sex with as many woman as I want, as long as I am HONEST with them about it and practice safe sex.

  • WHO IS MR. B. A. PUA?
    Mr. B. A. Pua is a new exclusive addition to our writing staff. Mr. B. A. PUA is an extremely successful PUA having had st ex with over 4000+ women. Mr. B. A. Pua is extremely adept at picking up women via text messaging, IM messages, and chat. And of course he is also extremely adept live and in person.

A special instantly downloadable report to get you to JUMP START your love life.

Don't sit around the house wondering when you will ever date again when within hours you can get started meeting and dating 100s of women in the coming year.

Mr. L. Rx has done it and still does it, and he will show you HOW!

In this concise, downloadable, easy to read and easy to implement report you will learn:

-- TWO separate proven TECHNIQUES for generating 100's of dates a year

-- TECHNIQUES that are FAST, and SIMPLE to learn, and that you can START implementing them IN A COUPLE OF HOURS from now. That's right in just a few hours from now you can be on your way to generating 100's of dates a year. It is that POWERFUL. So powerful, that I'LL guarantee it. If you try my techniques and they don't work for you. I'll give you your money back NO QUESTIONS ASKED

-- TECHNIQUES that don't require you to have any understanding of women at all. You can be shy, UGLY, and a geek and they will work. IN FACT these TECHNIQUES will not only get you 100's of dates, but the sheer experience of going out on 100s of dates will give you a better understanding of women than anything you could ever read in a book--anything that I or any other GURU could ever say to you.

-- This REPORT is GUARANTEED to change your love life. That is why I wrote it.

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Dating to Relating - from A to Z (A man's guide to Understanding women)

"How I went from Stupid to Smart in just 50 years" or

"How and Why I got more dates with, relationships with and proposals from Hot Young Woman at age 50 than I did at age 25.

(This is an eBook and is available for download immediately after purchase. CLICK HERE TO ORDER BOUND VERSION If you would like a bound version shipped to you.)

Price: $39.95

Dating to Relating

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